Cardboard Guitar KIT


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Cardboard  Guitar KIT

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4 strings, steel
Open Geared Tuners
Cardboard body
Hardwood String Board
25" scale length
37" long, 15" wide, 2" deep
Tuned to top four strings of guitar (DGBE)

Too light contructed
Dennis Miller
Verified Buyer
I bought it for my 11 year old grandson. I determined it wouldn't last a week in his room. The idea of using tooth picks for frets is unreasonable with steel strings. I returned it!!
Sorry you didn't think it would work out. We have cardboard instruments here that are 7 years old. We've dropped them on the floor intentionally several times to demonstrate how durable they are. They still sound and play fine and the toothpick frets are holding up great.
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Tons of fun, easy to build!
Rob Zamites
Only 4 stars, because the edge for gluing the sides was *extremely* narrow/thin. Took about 4 hours to fully assembled. I painted mine with black chalkboard paint so I can decorate the top as I feel; the back was also chalkboard painted, but I just signed the whole back with a chalkboard marker, then coated it with spray on lacquer :) At some point, I'd like to buy a few more, and offer an after school/weekend workshop for disadvantage youths. Thanks, Musicmakers!!
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