Cheyenne Harp (36 Strings)

Cheyenne Harp (36 Strings)

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The Cheyenne Harp

The Cheyenne harp gives you the ultimate in pefromance quality tone and a full 5-octave range.

The large soundbox and high tension strings combine to manifest a rich, booming voice. Upon hearing this harp, people often ask if it is amplified!

What's Included:
  • Finished Cheyenne Harp with full levers.
  • Padded Gig Bag
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Owner's Manual

Harpist Stephanie Claussen demonstrates theCheyenne Harp

Buyer's Guide

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Sound and Video

Key Specs

Cheyenne Harp Specs
Strings 36 strings
Range C2 to C7 (String Chart)
Weight 27 pounds
Size 62" tall, 29" deep, 18" wide
Soundboard Aircraft Birch
Body Solid Cherry
Neck and Pillar Solid Cherry

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Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

Playing with the Cheyenne
Biagio Sancetta
As with all Musicmakers' harps, the Cheyenne is carefully designed. I love the long bass strings which give magnificent sustain, and the sound board's response. Being adventurous I decided to change the board to double tapered spruce and also changed some of the string specifications to suit my individual preferences. That is one of the nice things about buying a well thought out kit: if you want to you can pretty much customize it, or just be happy with a great design as is. They cut the sound board and back a little oversized - intentionally - in case these might be damaged in shipping - but they package it so well that is unlikely. But you will have to shave a bit off the edges and top. Overall, a great harp at a great price!
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