Cheyenne Harp

Cheyenne Harp

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Professional harpists often look for a full 5-octave range, and our new Cheyenne 36 is just the answer. It has a big soundbox that manifests a rich, booming voice.

People often think this harp has an amplifier in it! But no, the acoustics of this size sound chamber just happen to be perfect for projecting great sound.


  • 36 strings - Range C2 to C7 (String Chart)
  • 27 Pounds
  • 62" tall
  • Cherry neck, pillar, and sides
  • Aircraft Birch soundboard
Included in price:
(1) Finished Cheyenne Harp with Installed Levers
(1) Padded Gig Bag
(1) Tuning Wrench


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