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    Testimonial: Harp Lights

    I am just thrilled with my harp lights! They were so easy to install and they look beautiful! I watched the video of Jerry installing the harp lights and found that to be very helpful. Thank you for making such a great product!

    Happy Holidays to you and everyone at MusicMakers!

    Warm regards,

    I purchased the harp lights and they are just great. I installed them on my harp and all worries about seeing the strings - gone.

    I have other harps and will be purchasing lights for them as well. Thanks for a great product and one that was easily installed by a musician.

    I have recommended you to other harpists.


    Hi Jerry:

    The lights are an instant success. They delineate the graceful curve of the harp provide nice bright light for music & surrounding area.

    Reuben Correa

    Hi there!

    I received my Harp Light Kit yesterday... wow what great, Fast Service! I am so thrilled with this product. It was easy to size for my Harp Neck... the Adhesive was just enough to keep it neatly in place, however I was able to pull it off easily to reposition it. I also love how all the Wires are neatly tucked into the Sound Holes on the back with Velcro... clever! The LED Lighting is "just enough" to help me see my Strings and still adds a touch of beauty to my Soundboard... even in the Daylight it's a Beautiful Accent! Many Thank You's for your product line, this is so awesome!



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