Hognose Psaltery - KIT

Hognose Psaltery - KIT


Difficulty Rating

This project is simple to assemble using normal household tools and 20-30 hours' time. Use an electric hand drill for drilling string holes in the soundboard and for installing screws. You'll need two c-clamps and some weights for certain gluing steps.

Decorate your instrument with a Large Rosette!


  • 15 steel strings
  • Range: 2 octave - Middle C to C6
  • Laminate birch top and back.
  • Solid wood frame.
  • 28" wide, 10" deep, 2" tall
  • Includes strings and tuning wrench.
  • Includes set of song sheets.
  • Includes decorative rosette.
  • Weighs 2-1/2 pounds.

Assembly Instructions


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