Hurdy Gurdy KIT

Hurdy Gurdy KIT

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Like the sound of a bagpipe? With a hurdy gurdy you can get the same sound without using up all your breath. Just turn the crank to activate the rosin-coated wheel which vibrates the strings. Then push the keys with your other hand to play melodies. It's a fascinating invention with a rich history from sixteenth century Europe

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This is a patience-testing project because of all the small parts, but it is well worth the time and effort. A satisfying masterpiece of beautiful woods for the craftsperson who enjoys detail work.

What's Included:
Hurdy Gurdy
We also sell the Hurdy Gurdy finished and ready to play. Click here to learn more.


This video is a bit outdated but it will give you the gist of what the Hurdy Gurdy is all about.

Key Specs

Hurdy Gurdy Kit Specs
Item Hurdy Gurdy Kit
Strings 4 strings
Tuning diatonic, 12 buttons
Weight 5.75 pounds
Overall Length 28"
Width 13"
Soundboard Solid mahogany
Sides, back, and peghead Walnut

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Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

Finished the Kit
stephen Glueckert
Verified Buyer
I finished the Hurdy Gurdy which took about 57 hours. It plays and I am simply thrilled with the final result. However I would caution anyone undertaking this project to take their time, review and measure all the parts before beginning. I would never recommend undertaking this project without a wood shop, plenty of space, wood tools and a savy understanding of stringed instruments. The materials are really impressive. In my case, unfortunately the sides were two different lengths (about 1 inch difference) and I unwittingly followed the initial directions to glue the heel and tail without measuring the length of the sides. This created a challenge to square the heel to the tail. I had to recut and reconstruct the heel. The instructions suggested using tape to position the sides before glueing. I found this suggestion of using strapping tape,.. a complete fantasy. I would suggest making a wooden jig to position the sides, which I did, and square the head and tail and position for glueing. Another area of concern is the complete lack of instructions for the manipulation of the Bridges. These are a little tricky and some clear instruction here would have been helpful. Its simply absent. I ended up consulting a friend for help with this. The lathing of the wheel seemed precarious, however, it ended up working very well. However, although the chisel I used was vey sharp, the wheel ended up with some imperfections in it and the left pits in the surface of the wheel. This was the first of the materials that was not up to snuff. It was time consuming to patch and repair. Finally the key tangents are a great design, after sanding and positioning the keys into place, simply by pushing them down into their position I have broken two. The materials in the stems on the two were not up to snuff. I have decided to remake a half dozen to have available when I play. I am looking forward spending time with this great instrument.
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Fantastic Project (don't let the 5 hammers scare you)
Adam Horrocks
Verified Buyer
I loved this project and while it does take a little patience it is not as daunting as I originally imagined. The wood is beautiful, the instructions clear and easy to follow, and the result is a very interesting instrument. Warning.... be careful with the strings I wasn't and broke 3 of them (if you are not familiar with the cost of cello strings... you will be surprised). Anyone looking for a project I give this my highest recommendations.
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