Kinder Harp w/Bag

Kinder Harp w/Bag

Product Details

This instrument has been discontinued.

The Kinder Harp by Musicmakers is a simple plucked psaltery with a rich and lovely tone. The Kinder Harp is at home in a wide variety of settings - introducing music to children, a playable musical instrument to use in period dramas, a portable instrument for minstrels strolling through renaissance festivals, and to share music to comfort and heal.

Success breeds success. To that end - several songsheets are included that slide underneath the strings making it simple for non-musicians to "follow-the-notes" and pluck the right strings. People light up when they discover that they play recognizable melodies.

What's Included:
  • Kinder Harp - finished, strung, and ready to play.
  • Padded Gig Bag
  • Over 20 song sheets
  • Pick
  • Your choice of rosette (installed)
  • Tuning wrench
  • Product Manual

Handy in the Woodshop? This item also comes as a do-it-yourself kit. Click here to learn more.

Key Specs

Kinder Harp Specs
Strings 15 (wire or nylon)
Range G3 - G5
Tuning G major, diatonic
Weight 3.75 pounds
Soundbard Birch plywood
Sides and bridge Solid hardwood
Back Plywood to match sides
Size 29.5" long edge, 10.5" short edge, 10" deep,

Virtual Kinder Harp

Click any string to play that string.

Note: This Virtual Kinder Harp is strung with wire strings.

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Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

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