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    rev•er•ie noun a state of dreamy meditation or repose

    Never before has there been an instrument that so easily lends itself to such a wide variety of therapeutic situations.

    Designed and invented by Musicmakers in Stillwater, MN in collaboration with Australian music thanatologist Peter Roberts, the Reverie Harp is fast becoming a must-have tool for music therapists, visitation ministers/chaplains, activity directors, and nursing homes care-givers.

    Reverie Harp: Frequently Asked Questions - Click Here

    Why is this instrument so successful?

    • Beautiful shape is inviting - everyone wants to hold this instrument
    • Lightweight and comfortable to hold for even the most frail individuals
    • Pentatonic tuning means there is simply no wrong way to play this instrument
    • Players love feeling the vibrations through the wood

    "I'm finding that when I bring the Reverie Harp into a one to one visit it's a great entree. It's another vehicle to open up a person's heart"
    -Ann Bergstrom, Chaplain

    "Ultimately I do what I do to help the people I'm working with. This tool helps me to do that"
    Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, Board Certified Music Therapist

    Listen to a talk (about 45 minutes long) given by Jerry, Matt, Dr. Annie Heiderscheidt, and Kim Donnely about this instrument. This talk was given at the Great Lakes Regional Music Therapy Conference in March 2009.

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