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    Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer KIT

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      Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer KIT



      Mountain Dulcimer Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      Our solid wood Mt. Dulcimer kits represent a truly exceptional value in Mountain Dulcimers. You can build your own performance quality Mountain Dulcimer from our easy-to-build kits.

      A solid mahogany top gives this instrument a warmth that is nothing short of beautiful. Solid cherry backs and cherry laminate sides only add to the quality of the finished instrument.

      What's Included:

      Customize your kit with decorative inlay banding. Two strips will go all the way around the instrument. Order four strips if you want to inlay the top and bottom of the sides.

      Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer Kit

      Mountain Dulcimer Kit

      Strings (1) .025", (3) .012"
      Tuning DAAA or DADD
      Rosettes Included
      Weight 3 pounds
      Soundboard Solid Mahogany
      Sides and Back Cherry
      Size 37" long, 9.5" wide
      Scale Length 27"
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Musicmakers Mt. Dulcimer Kit Features


      Hourglass Dulcimer Kit
      Wood was clear and straight Cuts were precise Hardware was packaged and labeled Instructions were thorough and clear This is absolutely a very good kit!
      Verified Buyer
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      Beautiful and Tuneful Design
      I actually bought a used assembled Mt. Dulcimer. However I have built 2 Kanteles and 3 of the Strumbly kits. I did notice the quality of the wood and the construction of this used one was top notch. In fact although it was used it was in pristine condition. Important factors of course, were that it played smoothly and sounded very bright and melodic. It is a quality and solid instrument. Wonderful.
      Ralph Ross
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      Mine is 17 years old and sounds better every year!
      I made two of these mountain dulcimer kits: one for my newlywed husband and one for me. I learned a lot about working with wood and both instruments came out looking and sounding stunning. I'm surprised at the volume and tone both of them carry compared to many professionally bought dulcimers. Attention to detail and thinking ahead about what the instructions mean for you to do is key. I was so excited about the kits turning out so well that I then made a bowed psaltry from blueprints, and I couldn't be more pleased with it, either--fifteen years later!
      Jennifer D Simons
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      Very satisfying project
      I had some wonderful hours of enjoyment building the instrument and was happy with the quality of all materials and hardware. I found my communication with Music Makers excellent as all staff members I spoke to (via email) were very helpful, courteous and respectful. I am also very happy with my finished dulcimer which looks and sounds very good.
      frederic Beach
      Verified Buyer
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      Very pleased with the kit
      My son and I recently bought and completed the Mountain Dulcimer kit. Both building and playing it have been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. The instructions were very clear and well thought out. It does help to read them through ahead of time (we did this repeatedly during the build) so you can anticipate upcoming steps. We ran into a slight discrepancy in that the scroll head lacked the ledge described in the instructions for the nut to rest on, but we were able to compensate by leaving a gap and letting the nut rest directly on the soundboard. We used several coats of Varathane wipe-on polyurethane varnish for a finish on the main body, and that came out well. All in all, a great kit, particular for first-time instrument builders.
      Verified Buyer
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      Very Satisfied
      "Satisfied with your purchase"? Couldn't be more satisfied! I've not yet completed the mountain dulcimer kit but am well underway -- at my age, 75, I don't rush through things anymore. I've encountered no problems, the instructions are very clear and I'm having fun. What more could anyone ask? "Satisfied with your purchase"? I must say YES.
      Verified Buyer
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      My first musical instrument kit.
      I want you to know how much fun I had doing the work on this since this was the very first musical instrament that I have every tried to build. When I did have a problem or question, when I called I received the best help to get me through the problem. I am now looking forward to learning how to play this dulcimer and I know that it will be a joy.
      Gordon Reed
      Verified Buyer
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      It's a hit!

      I really enjoyed building my hourglass dulcimer kit! I am really pleased with the quality of the kit. I had never used a router before, but with the bit kit that I purchased with the kit, I had no problem at all- really good instructions on that part.

      By following the centerline method on all parts, I was able to assemble everything with good alignment. I found it easier to rough cut the bottom and top before the glue up and then just rout it to shape. I was even able to get the rosettes aligned and install the banding front and back. That part was little scary, but the router did the cut perfectly and it turned out great!! Used a wipe on satin finish and paste waxed it.

      Have had great comments from my friends and one of them is ordering the kit for her husband for Christmas!

      Verified Buyer
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      Mountain Dulcimer-Hourglass shape
      The materials and directions were good, except for one shortcoming. The notch in the peg head for the nut had not been cut at the factory. You need to make sure either it is cut, or change your directions so that the recipient knows to cut that notch (as I had to do). Very happy with finished product. Used the Deft lacquer and paste wax as recommended by you. Will be back for more kits in the future.
      Thank you for the review. Sorry about the missing notch in the peghead. We had a batch of pegheads that were missing that notch. We've fixed that issue. We will always swap out parts at no charge if we made a mistake but it sounds like you had the resources to take care of this. Thanks for that.
      Kelly Bogan
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