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    Testimonials:Mountain Dulcimers


    Hi All,

    I finally finished my second dulcimer. I have included some photos. I have also been very busy rebuilding our kitchen from floor to ceiling. I have enjoyed building the second as much as the first. Hope to see you in September to purchase more supplies. Keep up the enthusiasm and contact with your customers. Thank you.

    Don Brodowicz


    I thought I'd boast a photo of my completed mountain dulcimer kit to you.

    I researched and practiced every move i made first. I did a French polish finish which was challenging. Under the magnifying glass, the issues abound - but I learned a lot and can see myself doing another project like this.

    Also, it sounds great. I'm a back porch guitarist/hack so I've a lot to learn on this. I take no credit for how it sounds - that's all in the hands of materials and design (which I thought to be very robust btw).

    Kudos to the MusicMaker Team for a well written set of assembly instructions!


    I found the kit easy to complete by following the instructions exactly. It took me about a week working for an hour or so each evening. The sound is great as well. Now if you only made a kit for the gig bag so I had a way to carry/store it:)

    Thomas Petters

    Hi Matt --

    I purchased a tear-drop dulcimer kit from you some time ago. Not only am I completely satisfied with the finished instrument but I am equally pleased with the after-purchase service given to me by Musicmakers. One piece of the body of the dulcimer had to be replaced and this was done promptly and with no questions asked. More recently, I purchased an extra set of four strings to accompany the instrument, that is destined to be a Christmas gift, and once again I am quite pleased with the service. My next project? Unknown at this time but quite possibly another instrument kit from Musicmakers.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Evret C. Newman
    El Paso, Texas

    click image to enlarge


    Here are some pictures of the finished Mountain Dulcimer kit we bought from you. Considering that most of my woodworking experience involves building decks, this type of woodworking was a bit of a stretch for me. But your instructions were very helpful and the quality of the kit was much more than I expected. I can't believe you sent out wood with such a beautiful grain pattern instead of keeping it for your in house instruments. In my mind, kit usually equals lesser quality. You have proven me wrong. All of the people at our Dulcimer club that played it commented about how nice it looks and sounds.
    Thanks for putting out such a good product.

    John Noonan
    Franklin TN

    Click any picture to enlarge

    I spoke to Matt on Tuesday and he was most helpful.   I promised him I would send an email with pictures of all the instruments I have built out of your kits.  In fact, I have been promising for a while.  Well, promise fulfilled:

    This is the first kit my husband bought for me.  Your mountain dulcimer.  This was my first carving project as well. I used no power tools to cut this vine for the sound holes. I could not be satisfied with the plain head that you sent in your kit so I went out and bought my first set of carving knives and carved this fluted head.  A couple of years later I took my first carving lessons and saw that I had really "dumb lucked" into a very satisfactory first attempt.

    Next, my husband bought me the limerick kit. Here is a close up of one of the rose clusters.  This harp is called "Little Rosie."

    I finished Rosie in May, went to my first harp conference in July to learn how to play it, played for my first wedding in October, took my first harp student in January all in a 9 month period.  I quickly outgrew Rosie and my husband ordered my first Voyager which I named tree of life because of the detail I painted on it.

    I have been loaned a pedal harp that just doesn't have the rich tones of your Voyager. I sing your praises everywhere to whomever will listen.  Keep up the good work.  I am addicted to building instruments that look and sound gorgeous.

    Vanessa League

    Enclosed is a photo of a dulcimer I built from a kit I ordered from you in 1999. I enjoyed building it...everything went together easily and the directions were clear and easy to follow. I think I ended up with a fine looking dulcimer with good sound.

    Ellen Long

    My wife bought the Walnut Hourglass Mountain Dulcimer for me to build. I have to admit, it was a fun project and everything went together exactly as the instructions said. It sounds great as well.

    -Bill McCauley

    A few weeks ago I ordered your hourglass mountain dulcimer kit. Not only did it get here FAST, but extremely well constructed, with clear instructions, etc.etc.(I could go on and on!)

    -Heather Price

    Hi Musikit Folks,

    I just finished building my walnut mountain dulcimer. Thanks! It looks great, sounds great and was a lot of fun to build! I put a web page up of my construction process: I can't wait to build my next instrument...

    -Rick Otten



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