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    Regency Harp Complete Hardware

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      Regency Harp Complete Hardware



      Complete set of hardware and strings for Regency Harp.
      Includes all the musical hardware you need to to assemble and complete your harp. Also includes a complete set of strings and tuning wrench. The hardware pack does NOT include sharping levers.
      Blueprints and availability are misleading.
      I first ordered the the blueprints which gave the impression that wood was included in the regency harp kit. Given that the COMPLETE hardware kit was the only other option available on the site it led me to believe that it came with the wood as well. I paid 648 for shipping and 93 for duty tax for just the strings and hardware. With the price and availability of wood I may as well have financed a fully built harp. For anyone saying I should have researched more when I went to the harp plans and kits. I selected the only 34 harp plan available then searched the site for the materials I would need. A review on another site said the wood that came with the kit was beautiful. And it is stated in the blueprints what comes with the kit. Again the this kit is the only one available for the regency harp. I am sure what did come is of fine quality but not really the point. My fault for not directly messaging the company to ask since the description says the only thing is doesn’t include is levers. Funny enough even in the kits that had wood that I found later the regency harp is not among them.
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