Healing Vibrations
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    Healing Vibrations

    Healing Vibrations

    A great story about how the vibrations from the Reverie Harp can help patients.

    Reverie Harp

    The following story was emailed to us by one of our customers. 

    I work as a hospital chaplain. Several days a week I bring in my Reverie Harp to be available to play at the bedside as a way of helping patients connect at a deeper level to their spiritual needs. This is especially useful when, because of injury or trauma they are unable to speak or just find the words.

    One day one of the managers called me and asked if I would be willing to visit a man who was deaf. She said she remembered what I told her about the affects of vibrations on the body etc.  But for some reason he was afraid of the harp. He said he thought it would make him have a seizure.

    Reverie Harp
    Reverie Harp

    After talking with his doctor to ask about seizure risks I went back a day later to tell the patient that his doctor said the harp vibrations would not make him have a seizure. 

    To prepare him, I showed him a picture of the Reverie Harp so he could get use to the idea. I asked him if I could bring it in. He agreed.

    The next day I brought in the Reverie Harp. After laying a pillowcase over him I laid the harp on the patient’s chest. His eyes got big. Then I plucked a few strings. His eyes got bigger and his face brightened as he felt the vibrations. As I continued he began giggling. Then, as the music continued, he opened his mouth wide and emitted bursts of laughter.

    After a while I took his hand and showed him how to strum. He was beside himself with joy. He was unable to make much of a sound because his hands and arms did not have enough strength that would enable him to engage the strings. However, I watched his hands and I matched the rhythm of his hands with my strumming so that the rhythm I played was his.

    We did this for 30 minutes. He loved it.

    In the meantime nurses and doctors continued to pop in to see what all the commotion, (his laughter and giggling and music) was about.

    This experience is an example that shows how vibrations can be felt and bring joy into someone’s life who can only feel the music.

    harp reverie

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