Melatonin - Kantele and Casio SK-1
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    Melatonin - Kantele and Casio SK-1


    Here is another melody I made up on the Kantele.  The "haunting descant" was played on the Casio SK-1, the greatest little keyboard ever!  If you owned one of these as a kid in the 80s - you know what I am talking about.  I got lucky and picked one up at a Goodwill.  Remember the demo song from this keyboard?

    Here is the music for Melatonin.

    Melatonin Music


    I couldn't figure out how to have the upper notes be longer in the second staff.  So the B and the A in ms. 5 should both be half notes.  Same thing for the first F# in ms. 6 and the B and A in ms. 7.

    I did not include the melody you hear played on the SK1.   These are just the notes being played on the Kantele.

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