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    Stories and videos about the Reverie Harp

    Video and Radio

    From the Mayo Clinic

    Click here to for more audio and video about the Reverie Harp as featured on American Public Media's Performance Today

    From Fox 9 Morning News - a nice segment about how the Reverie Harp is being used at a local hospital.

    Peter Roberts discusses how he uses the Reverie Harp in his healing practice.


    This snippet of video is from Peter's DVD - Reverie Harp Playing Techniques which is available for purchase.

    Reverie Harp Story from Ann Bergstrom, Chaplain

    Reverie Harp Story from Kim Donley, Board Certified Music Therapist

    Matt and Jerry discuss the beginning of the Reverie Harp

    Read the article in Caring Magazine. Click on the August 2010 issue. The article starts on page 14.

    Click here to listen to an excellent piece about the Reverie Harp done by AARP Radio

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