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    Testimonial: Studio Harps

    Some don't mind a beginner!

    Thanks Musicmakers.

    Clay, NY

    Hello to All;

    I just completed building a Studio Harp which my daughter Laura Stack purchased about a month ago.

    My most sincere compliments - you have put together a great harp kit and absolutely superior instructions. While I have completed a fair number of home improvement projects, this is the first musical instrument I have built. Everything turned out perfect. The instructions not only provided perfect step-by-step guidance, but also warned of pitfalls and anticipated virtually every question I had.

    Thank you for a job well done. I look forward to building another instrument.

    Richard Vosika.

    I wanted a harp since I was 5 years old and for my 13th brithday my mom and sisters got me a Studio harp kit. I appreciate it more than anything else I own because I put together myself. Thank you so much.

    Kellian Rae

    My harp is finally done. I built it from black walnut that came from a family tree that was cut down about 15 years ago.

    So far my wife, my 16 year old daughter and I are all learning to play. There is just nothing like that sound. I really enjoyed working with your company. All the people I dealt with were very helpful and friendly.

    It took me about a month from planing the first boards to stringing just doing it weekends and evenings. I will definitely try another instrument now that I see that it can be done.

    Thanks again for a great experience. God bless you and yours,

    Don Vought

    The studio harp has an especially wonderful tone. I had looked (again) at a Lyon-Healy folk harp only a week before ordering my harp kits and I am very glad that I put you exceptional kit together. Your studio harp has a lively and interesting sound! Congratulations on doing such a nice job of design and making the project fairly easy. The bottom line: I am tremendously happy with the money I spent with you.

    -Gerald Dick

    Dear Folks,

    A testimonial I would like to share with you. A few years ago I ordered your plans and constructed the "Studio Harp". I spent a year of practice and performed on it a our church's Christmas Eve service (a story in itself). I received many kind and sincere comments. Several of the members commented on the volume and quality of sound. A number of the comments were very emotional. They loved it, yet knowing me they couldn't believe I constructed it and taught myself to play . I took the chance though, to offer you people the credit, not only for the plans, but for your care in helping me. A few months ago I completed a harp called the Cambric 34. I was very careful in the construction, from the selection of stock, gluing and finishing. I was very careful in the selection of the strings as well. It's a good harp, as far as I, a novice, am able to discern. The harp has excellent bass, though dull in the higher octaves. My first child ( the "Studio Harp"), sat off to the side. One day I sat down and began to play it again, It was, if I can describe it, like a comfortable chair. It has a personality, it's been a faithful friend. I like the Cambric, but I Love my "Studio Harp". The Cambric is stiff, yet the my Studio Harp bends with my every emotion. I have had some very difficult moments recently and yet my friend allows me to take my out feelings and returns me with a wonderful sound. I don't know how you other harps are, yes I've heard them on the Internet, but they don't breath like mine, so don't try to convince me the others are better.

    I am though, getting ready to order your Limerick and new bowed psaltery plans (if my wife will let me have some money and I can locate a new saw). If you have any big discounts on these, please let me know.

    Thank you,
    -Bill Lively

    I put my kit together complete with the varnishing spray in 3 days and my harp teacher who's husband builds harps was very impressed with the tone. I want to congratulate you with this high praise. Its always very soothing to practice with this harp. I love it . Thanks very much.

    -Deborah Williams

    I just wanted to tell you about my 29 string studio harp. Last night I took her out for the first time to the Salt Lake Harp Circle. She was very much admired! Most of the people there wanted to play her, and called her a sweet harp with wonderful tone and volume. Keith Rogers, who I believe runs the harp makers mailing list, was particularly impressed with my harp. I am thrilled with her. She is my first harp, and has been a great instrument. I would not hesitate to recommend your harps to others! Thank you!

    Amy Giauque

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