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    Musicmaker's--Testimonials, Suitcase Bass

    Testimonials: Suitcase Bass


    Here is a testimonial from a customer that has one of our orignial Suitcase Bass Kits.


    My name is Grace Esters and I am froma small town in Southwest Louisiana called Elton. I purchased a bass kit from Musicmaker's in March of 1994. We assembled it with the easy instructions sent to us with the kit and I have been enjoying it ever since. We have played at some of the largest festivals such as the New Orleans Heritage and Jazz Festival and the Texas State Bluegrass Festival and had people come up to us and say what a great sound it had. Every where we go to play we have people wanting to know about it. Our band is known by the bass.

    It is so easy to tune and play. It is also very easy to carry because of its handle. It makes traveling, which we do lots of, easy because it will fit in the back seat of a car or the trunk. I have a big Kay and love it, but my Suitcase Bass is so much easier on my fingers and to travel with. Musicmaker's has been so nice to answer any questions I have about the bass. We have kept in touch over the years and I am so proud to have one of their fine instruments. It has brought such joy to my life.



    Below is an actual letter sent to us about our new Suitcase Bass. Enjoy...

    Jerry, Sherry, Matt, Jake, Josiah, Gary, Merry Joy, Tim or specified staff person,

    You and your company pitched us the unprecedented and distinctive qualities of your upright bass, endearingly called, Big Bertha. It was refreshingly different, daring, one might say; unconventional and an exciting change of pace.

    Purchasing this from you, a decision was made to orchestrate (for lack of a better word) the formation of a musical group, built around your no-nonsense, yet practical, heavyweight.

    An Acoustic String Ensemble* was thus envisioned and configured utilizing whatever talent, or lack of same, swum into the net. We found a local laborer, Erik Brudvig, by name, from Clinton, MN, who had never played an instrument before; yet, not surprisingly, was overpowered with an innate yearning to play your crafted instrument when he saw it.

    A total of 4 evening practices were held prior to the first paid gig, which materialized unexpectedly and before any of the members felt they were ready to perform publicly. But the intense desire to accept the $30.00 per person gratuity offered, singularly blinded the reckless and rash neophytes to their still high level of ineptitude. A sad tale, but true.

    The engagement, however turned out to be favorable for the crew, and a second fling at fame followed when asked to perform out-of-doors at a municipally sponsored Cancer Walk. Both of these events were recorded for posterity on VHS.

    The string bass was a critical element in the success or failure of the production because A.) it tends to be the focal point of the viewers due to it's potent silhouette, and B.) because it is, for all practical purposes, the percussion section of the quartet. Whether or not Erik would get stage fright was an unknown, so we kept our fingers crossed. He suited up for the game and said he was ready to play ball. The rest is history.

    All of the members of the Weedy Creek Acoustic String Ensemble* extend to you their appreciation for your dependable, no compromising on quality, product. Buying your string bass was a sound investment that we are truly delighted with.

    Best personal regards,

    Norwood BayBridge, Banjonitor and Bongomist

    *Ensemble is a French word, correctly pronounced, at least by us, as..."on-SOMB-blah."




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