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    Beginner Harp Resources

    You want to play harp. We can help!

    Our Harp Buyer's Guide is a great place to start.

    Learn everything you need to know to get started playing the harp.

    Ultimate Harp Buyer's Guide
    • What is the difference between Folk Harps and Pedal Harps?
    • How many strings are on a harp?
    • What woods are used to make harps?
    • What are sharping levers are and what they do?
    • How harps are tuned?
    • Ho much do harps cost?
    • Can I and should I learn to play the harp?

    Can I learn to play the harp?

    Yes. The answer is YES. You CAN learn to play the harp.

    Here is the secret - you only need two things - Desire and Time. That's it. To dig deeper into that - click here.-->

    If you have the desire and commit the time - the next step is to structure your time with the harp. That is where teachers enter the picture - they inspire you and show you how to transform your desire and time into skill.

    Here are a just a few of the many excellent teaching resources available to you right now!

    About Musicmakers Harps

    Check out our most popular harps.

    the perfect beginner harp

    This is an ideal beginner harp. Lots of range, light tension, light weight and great tone.

    the most comfortable lap harp

    We worked with Stephanie Claussen to design the most comfortable lap harp on the market.

    Ultra Light Weight Hybrid Harp

    Our Carbon Fiber/Wood Hybrid offers the best of all possible worlds - ultra light weight with the warmth of natural wood.

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