Cheyenne Harp KIT


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Cheyenne Harp KIT

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This DIY Harp kit is accessible to even novice woodworkers. Our precut harp kit includes all wood parts, strings, hardware, tuning wrench, and detailed step-by-step instructions. The neck is already pre-drilled for tuning pins, and all parts are carefully pre-fitted at the factory, so it should only require about 25-35 hours to finish this kit.

You'll spend most of your time assembling the body of the harp. Use an electric sander for tapering some edges and rounding over others. An electric hand drill will be useful for installing screws and drilling string holes in the soundboard. Our bolt together neck/pillar system makes assembling that joint a snap.

Are you wondering if you can build this harp from a kit? Check out our Harp Kit FAQ. It is also a good idea to download and read the assembly instructions or watch some of our assembly videos.


  • 36 strings - Range C2 to C7 (String Chart)
  • 27 Pounds
  • 62" Tall
  • Cherry pillar, neck and sides
  • Aircraft Birch soundboard

Assembly Videos

We are working on the Cheyenne Harp assembly videos.

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