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    Cheyenne Harp KIT

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      Cheyenne Harp KIT


      The Cheyenne Harp Kit was discontinued in 2023

      Cheyenne Harp Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      This DIY Harp kit is accessible to even novice woodworkers. Our precut harp kit includes all wood parts, strings, hardware, tuning wrench, and detailed step-by-step instructions. The neck is already pre-drilled for tuning pins, and all parts are carefully pre-fitted at the factory, so it should only require about 25-35 hours to finish this kit.

      You'll spend most of your time assembling the body of the harp. Use an electric sander for tapering some edges and rounding over others. An electric hand drill will be useful for installing screws and drilling string holes in the soundboard. Our bolt together neck/pillar system makes assembling that joint a snap.

      What's Included:

      See and hear the Cheyenne Harp.

      Strings 36
      Range C2 to C7 (String Chart)
      Weight 27 pounds
      String Spacing Concert Wide
      String Tension High
      Size 62" tall, 29" deep, 18" wide
      Soundboard Aircraft Birch
      Body, Neck, Pillar Cherry
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Cheyenne Harp kit specs
      Worth the hard work
      I often tell people that if they want to take their experience of playing and caring for an instrument to the next level, then they should build one, even if just from a kit. No lie, this was a lot of work, but very rewarding. The part I've had trouble getting strung to stay put is the high C. Try out instrument building for yourself! Musicmakers makes it easy to jump in.
      Michael Angell
      Verified Buyer
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      A beautiful harp and building experience to share with my family!
      My husband and I had a great experience with building the Cheyenne harp. As a harp learner I put a lot of focus on learning how to play music the instrument. Building this harp gave me an opportunity to learn about how harps are constructed and also to acquire new skills such as regulating levers. My husband has some woodworking background but has never assembled a harp before. We really appreciate the staff at Musicmakers answering our questions along the way, making the process less daunting! We took the opportunity to customize the harp by making some small adjustments to the shape and dying it blue, which was fun! I am impressed by how comfortable the harp is, even for my young daughter, despite being pretty sizeable. Harp Wheels make transporting the harp easy. The Cheyenne is bassy and resonance while still having a sweet treble, and I love how well its sound can fill up a large room. We have a lot of wonderful memories building the harp; I am sure it will continue to create more memories for me and my family for years to come!
      Verified Buyer
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      Excellent kit
      Have built the harp and found it went together very easily. The instructions are well written and pictures help to clarify any questions. We are in the process of sanding and varnishing. We have called with a few questions (like about levers) to the support phone number, and they have been courteous and very helpful.
      Vaughn Skinner
      Verified Buyer
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      A Nice Harp, Easy Upgrade
      I like all Musicmakers' harps and have decided to upgrade the sound board and strings to concert grade, on this one although it is just fine as it is for many purposes. I just got carried away. The sound board will now be spruce and I changed some of the strings to suit my preferences. The kit arrived on schedule and complete; I have had it now for a week and if I had not decided to mess with it would now be stringing her! I asked for some minor changes in light of my intentions and the folks here were just great.
      Biagio Sancetta
      Verified Buyer
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      Beautiful instrument!
      My husband and I built the Cheyenne Harp and I am so impressed! The harp itself is beautiful to look at and has a lovely sound. It has a rich base and overall mellow tone with abundant volume. I truley enjoy playing this lovely instrument. I chose the Cheyenne specifically for the large range and overall sound and I am not disappointed! As far as the kit goes, we've never done anything quite like this before. My husband has plenty of experience with engines, less with woodworking. So there were challenges, but the directions were very clear. We also used the videos for the Voyager Kit (nearly indentical process), which was very helpful as well. There are other tips in those videos that aren't necessarily in the directions (but might be obvious for experienced wood workers). It is a testament to the MusicMaker's design and instructions that the finished product so well, both in appearance and sound, despite some of our mistakes in the process! I chose the kit as a way to get more harp for the money, and again, I am not disappointed! I highly recommend both this harp and the kit!
      Verified Buyer
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