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    Concert Uke KIT

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      Concert Uke KIT


      This kit was discontinued in August 2023

      Concert Ukulele Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      Build your own Ukulele!!

      This is a highly refined project with beautiful solid woods and lots of customizing options for inlays and/or rosettes.

      While we do give this a 4 hammer rating - that doesn't mean this project isn't suitable for beginning woodworkers. The rating is more reflective of the amount of time required (40+ hours) and the intricacy of the kit. Building this kit doesn't require expert woodworking skills but, if you do have those skills - this kit really gives you the opportunity to let your craftsmanship show!

      What's Included:
      Customizing Options
      • Add optional walnut binding around the top and bottom*
      • Or maybe you would like decorative inlay*
        Order 2 strips to go around the top or 3 strips to go around the top and bottom.
      • Add a Small Rosette (and donut for easy installation)
      * Order our router bit set for inlay installation

      Concert Ukulele Kit

      Item Conert Ukulele
      Strings 4 strings
      Tuning GCEA 
      Weight 1.4 pounds
      Overall Length 24"
      Scale Length 14"
      Soundboard Solid Spruce
      Sides, back, and neck Mahogany
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Ukulele Kit Specs

      Great kit building video from Craig Marble at CKMWork

      This video shows the Mandola kit but the build process is mostly the same.

      Excellent Kit, Glad I bought it
      This kit UKE is made up of very nice components and excellent, easy to follow instructions. Not the 1st musical instrument kit I have built but probably the best so far. It is a good idea to have at least some woodworking knowledge and experience to do best job but this is not absolutely necessary. It is probably important to read and understand the entire instructions book several times before beginning the build. And important to assemble the tools needed for each step before starting that step. Only issues I see are to have a large enough stable and flat work space and to be prepared to do some slight careful trimming (via 150-220 grit sand paper) to make the rib ends fit tightly onto the corner blocks. The rib ends on my kit were not cut fully square so the fit needed to be adjusted. No big deal just requires care and patience plus multiple trial fits and minor sanding to fully square up the rib ends. I will use a laminate trim router to remove excess top and back overhang wood but you could use a coping saw and a file and then sand paper instead. Most important is to understand the instructions and take your time, allow the glued parts to fully dry/cure before removing any clamps and moving to next steps. Patience and careful fitting is your friend, impatience and hurry will likely cause trouble that might not be fixable. I think you can be rewarded with a really nice looking and good playing instrument. I have made 3 dulcimers and a banjo from kits and all turned out nice but this UKE will I think be the nicest.
      Jimmy White
      Verified Buyer
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      Quality of this kit was fantastic!
      I bought this kit as I am an experienced woodworker, but had never built a musical instrument and wanted to give it a try. I wanted something fancier than the standard wood so purchased some curly koa for the top and bottom as well as some curly maple veneer for the sides. The kit went together very easy and the instructions were helpful and accurate. I wish I could post a picture to show how terrific it turned out! Oh... and it plays well too! Overall a great experience!
      Brady Placek
      Verified Buyer
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      Outstanding product and customer service
      I purchased the Concert Uke Kit as a Father's Day gift for my dad who is a skilled woodworker and loves intricate projects like this. It was out of stock and when I called Musicmakers to see if there was something similar I could purchase, I was put on hold for a brief second and then told they could put a kit together and send it out that same day! The kit and comprehensive instruction book are both of excellent quality. My dad was thrilled and is very much looking forward to assembling it. An enormous thank you to the Musicmakers team!
      Verified Buyer
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      Excellent Design.
      I just finished putting on the second coat of tung oil and it looks better than I could hope for. Being a machinist I love to work with microscopic measurements and close tolerances, putting the unit together was a joy and your design was flawless not to mention quality material.
      John B. Haas
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      Great Kit!
      Finished my Concert Ukulele today and it sounds great. The instrument is finished in six coats of Tru Oil. See attached pic. The kit was great quality and the instruction manual very comprehensive and easy to follow.
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