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    Harp Beginnings

    Harp Beginings Banner with Christy-Lyn

    Can you learn to play the harp in only 6 weeks?

    Learning a new instrument is exciting but can also be intimidating. Where do you start, and how long will it take until it sounds any good? Our friends from Learning the Harp have set out to fast-track your progress with their new online program, Harp Beginnings.

    In only 6 weeks you'll be able to:

    • Play 3 beautiful songs, even if you have no musical background.
    • Play from chords - you don't need to read sheet music to learn your favorite songs.
    • Practice smart, not long - progress fast, even with a busy schedule.

    Get personalized feedback from a harp teacher so that you never get stuck. You'll learn through online video courses which guide you through your daily practice, and weekly group 'progress calls' with a harp teacher to give input into your learning.

    Also included in the program is an online community where you can post questions any time, practice tracks to play along with, and the chance to get personalized video feedback on your playing from a harp teacher.

    Many people who start learning the harp give up in frustration because they're missing one of these three essential elements:

    1. Good harp technique
    2. Healthy practice habits
    3. Feedback on their playing

    That's why Harp Beginnings focuses on these elements from the very beginning. Christy-Lyn has taught this method to over 3,000 students through her online courses over the last 5 years - with many students progressing from absolute beginner to advanced!

    If you want to avoid the stress and frustration of trying to learn for months without much progress, this program is made for you.

    picture of Christy-Lyn

    This beginner class has been a wonderful way to start learning to play the harp. I am astonished at how much I have learned in only six weeks, and excited to keep learning! - Deborah Sokolove

    Excellent "jump start" to playing the harp with skill and confidence! - Kathryn Kelly

    Join Harp Beginnings today!

    Use the code MAKEHARPMUSIC, to receive a bonus of the popular workshop, "Playing Harp Glissandos".

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