Jolie Harp KIT

Jolie Harp KIT

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This DIY Harp kit is accessible to even novice woodworkers. Our precut harp kit includes all wood parts, strings, hardware, tuning wrench, and detailed step-by-step instructions. The neck is already pre-drilled for tuning pins, and all parts are carefully pre-fitted at the factory, so it should only require about 20-30 hours to finish this kit.

You'll spend most of your time assembling the body of the harp. Use an electric sander for tapering some edges and rounding over others. An electric hand drill will be useful for installing screws and drilling string holes in the soundboard. Our bolt together neck/pillar system makes assembling that joint a snap.


  • 32 Strings C2 - F6
  • String Chart
  • Cherry wood neck, pillar, sides.
  • Aircraft Birch soundboard.
  • 20 pounds
  • 52" tall
  • 24" deep
  • 14" wide


Here is a playlist of videos that cover many aspects of building the Jolie Harp Kit.

Watch and hear Stephanie Claussen play a Jolie Harp.

fantastic harp
Jonathan Lubeck
Verified Buyer
After watching my brother learn and play harp for a couple of years I got jealous and decided that I needed a harp too. I hemmed and hawed over the music makers kits for a few months and then sprang for the Jollie kit. Came in a reasonable amount of time and the instructions and resources were completely adequate. I do agree that just about anyone with some patience can put this kit together with a few tools and a small space to work. The parts fit quite well and needed minimal modification. I had one or two questions during the process that were answered over the phone by the owner himself. I ended up having to by a new low C string as I cut it kind of close and then it started to unravel as I tightened it. If you have some patience and are dedicated to seeing the project through I believe you will end up with a very nice harp. After I finished it, my brother came over to check it out. He loved the tone and the way it played. Within minutes he was asking how much the kit was and where I had purchased it. This really is a gem of a company. Can't wait to buy and build future kits.
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Excellent Kit
Verified Buyer
I managed to make the Jolie Harp without any kind of workshop (as I don't have one). I am thrilled. I really enjoyed the process of construction, and I came to discover that I really enjoyed hand sanding and feeling the finish of the wood with my fingers. I got to play it yesterday for the first time and am extremely pleased. The sound is bright and yet resonant. I made this harp, as my way of helping a woman, who wants to undertake music therapy, and this was the most cost-effective option that I could find. I think this harp is superb and will do the job beautifully. I may want to do this again sometime in the future.
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