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    Dakota Mandola KIT

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      Dakota Mandola KIT


      This kit was discontinued in August 2023

      Mandola Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      Build your own Mandola with the Musicmakers Mandola Kit!!

      The Musicmakers Mandola kit comes with quality woods and lots of customizing options for inlay and/or rosettes providing you with the perfect ingredients to create your own masterpiece.

      While we do give this a 4 hammer rating - that doesn't mean this project isn't suitable for beginning woodworkers. The rating is more reflective of the amount of time required (40+ hours) and the intricacy of the kit. Building this kit doesn't require expert woodworking skills but, if you do have those skills - this project really gives you the opportunity to let your craftsmanship show!

      What's Included:
      Customizing Options
      • Add optional walnut binding around the top and bottom*
      • Add a Medium Rosette (and donut for easy installation)
      * Order our router bit set for inlay installation


      Mandola Kit

      Item Dakota Mandola
      Strings 8 strings (4 courses)
      Tuning CGDA
      Weight 2.5 pounds
      Overall Length 31.5"
      Scale Length 17"
      Soundboard Solid Spruce
      Sides, back, and neck Maple
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Ukulele Kit Specs


      Our Dakota Mandolin and Mandola

      Great kit building video from Craig Marble at CKMWorks

      My favorite instrument kit
      I've tried a few musical instrument kits and this one is by far my favorite. I typically have done them because I enjoy the process and it's fun to make music on them when it's done. The mandola was by far the most time consuming kit I've done but the end product was a legit instrument. I use to have a ukulele tuned GDAE to mess around with fiddle tunes but the mandola is now my go to GDAE like instrument.
      Verified Buyer
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      Somewhat disappointed
      My initial assessment was semi favorable but in laying the pieces I discovered that the cross cuts on the sides were not square and in no way going to fit properly to the corner blocks. These were not cut consistently and are far from a proper mating angle and will need to be recut or replaced in their entirety. Beyond that I guess I'll work out any unknown bugs as I go. I am experienced enough to rectify these issues but did expect a much better condition of fit.
      Thanks for the feedback. Sorry those side pieces weren't fit very well. If you feel like you need replacements, please let us know.
      Daniel Peters
      Verified Buyer
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      Fun Build
      This was a great kit and I really enjoyed building the Mandola. The instructions were easy to follow and were really thorough. You can see the video of my build down below.
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      Beautiful Instrument
      The wood used in this instrument is truly beautiful and the inlay banding really sets it off. Construction was a bit tricky. The tenon on the neck was not long enough to snugly fit into the heel block. I added a shim for something to glue to and put in three screws to hold it. The finished product is really nice to look at but if you really want to play it, you'll want to lower the bridge some.
      Bill Klein
      Verified Buyer
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      Just got my mandola kit (took a while to get her(. Everything looks good. Started assembly and will let you know what my result is.
      Gary Stewart
      Verified Buyer
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