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    Mountain Banjo w/Gig Bag

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      Mountain Banjo w/Gig Bag



      Mountain Banjo

      We love this mountain banjo. It has such a pleasing size and just the right proportions. The complete lack of metal hardware around the body keeps this instrument clean looking and light weight.

      Go with steel strings if you want some punch to the tone. Or get the nylgut strings for a nice plunky old-time sound and feel. And if you really want to go old-time, go for the fretless option!

      You just aren't going to find a more playable and pleasing mountain banjo for this price anywhere!

      What's Included:

      Take a walk with Matt and Cody and check out the Mt. Banjo.

      Mountain Banjo

      Mountain Banjo Specs
      Strings 5
      Tuning gDGBD and more...
      Weight 5 pounds
      Scale Length 25.5"
      Overall Length 36.5"
      Body Solid Cherry
      Neck 3-ply Hardwood Laminate
      Fingerboard Tropical Hardwood
      Truss Rod Double Action
      Peghead Walnut overlay
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty

      Mountain Banjo

      Super Solid Sweet Sounding Mountain Banjo
      I purchased the assembled mountain banjo, fretted, with nylgut strings. It has a super solid build quality, easy playability, and that old-time sound you’re looking for in an instrument like this. Check out the sound samples. An instrument to pick up, sit back, relax, and enjoy!
      John W.
      Verified Buyer
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      Mountain Banjo
      I ordered the assembled 5 string mountain banjo. I had been considering the purchase for over a year. I had hesitated because I was afraid the string spacing at the nut would be too narrow for my fingers. I'm used to wider nut widths: 1 3/8. I reached out to MusicMakers and talked with Matt. OMG. He's so good. He quickly assured me that he could increase the string spacing for my preferences because there was room. That worked out perfectly for my fingers. Thank you a ton, Matt. I have to say, the packaging was the most careful an precise I've ever see for a banjo. I have 8, so I know what crappy packaging can be. And the sound of this thing. I'm not sure what magic they do, but it rings with incredible sustain for a banjo with no metal tone ring. I took it apart and put it back together to get a feel for how that goes. Easy peasy. Nice that the mountain banjo has a truss rod. And adjusting the action was easy-just tighten or loosen on screw at the base of the neck. Thank you guys, especially Matt.
      Robert Biggs
      Verified Buyer
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      Backcountry elegance
      Beautiful wood and craftsmanship. It came perfectly adjusted with nice plunky, staccato nylon strings... the loudness and tone easily tailored by strategically placing pieces of light foam padding behind the skin, for muted playing in the parlor. I find that the Fred Kelly Freedom picks work well and bring out a balanced frailing style sound, for me. I would prefer playing it without a strap and am searching for a way to keep the beautifully finished but slippery round framework from sliding down out of position. I will experiment with foam padding and a elastic strap. I am very pleased with this Mountain Bsnjo, and I look forward to the many hours of practicing the great variety of clawhammer stye tunes, that interest me. Thank you for the care and pride you put into this instrument. It also looks fantastic displayed on my wall. Tom
      Tom A
      Verified Buyer
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