Mountain Banjo Kit

Mountain Banjo Kit

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We love this mountain banjo. It has such a pleasing size and just the right proportions. The complete lack of metal hardware around the body keeps this instrument clean looking and light weight.

Our pre-cut parts fit together very nicely, but you will shape the back of the neck, install marking dots and frets in the fretboard, cut the peghead shape however you like, and glue the fretboard and nut onto the neck.

Fretted or fretless. Steel strings or nylgut. Make the banjo YOU want. Just pick your options above.

What's Included:
Billy builds a banjo
We also sell this banjo finished and ready to play. Click here to learn more.


Here is an excellent video that walks you through the entire process of building our Mt. Banjo Kit. Thanks to Craig Marble for making this video and sharing it with us. Follow Craig on Instagram @ckmworks.

Key Specs

Jolie Harp kit specs
Strings 5 strings
Tuning gDGBD and more...
Scale Length 25.5"
Overall Length 36.5"
Weight 5 pounds
Body Solid Cherry
Neck 3-ply Hardwood Laminate
Fingerboard Tropical Hardwood
Truss Rod Double Action
Peghead Walnut overlay

The Musicmakers Kit Warranty

Need replacement parts?

Just notify us of the problem. We are generous with spare parts, but we may ask you to return the defective part if we think we can salvage it. We may ask you to pay for replacement parts if you damaged them during construction. After one year from date of purchase, we may not be able to supply replacement parts if we have discontinued the kit.

Need help with construction?

We are happy to finish assembling a kit for you. The basic fee is the difference between the kit price and the finished price shown in our current catalog (regardless of the price you paid for the kit). If you have done some of the assembly, we may be able to discount the construction fee, unless we need to re-do some of your work. If you want us to do only part of the construction, please call us about the price.

Desire a refund?

We give refunds, or exchanges, for re-usable kits returned within one year of purchase, regardless of reason for return or stage of construction. You must present proof of purchase from MUSICMAKERS. Such refunds will be for merchandise only, not shipping, handling, or insurance fees. We will refund the price of only those parts that are returned in re-saleable condition.

If we made an error on the original shipment, we will pay for return shipping. Please call us for the proper procedure.

Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

Great Kit
David Brown
Verified Buyer
I have built a number of their kits and continue to be impressed with the quality and instructions of each kit. With all the photos and great descriptions of each and every step, you just can't go wrong. You can tell they have put immense thought into every part of each kit. Highly recommend !!
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Outstanding Kit
Phil Reed
Verified Buyer
Outstanding kit. The instructions are great, the parts well-organized and well-prepared for assembly. All you need to put it together are basic woodworking skills and the time and patience to do things carefully. Also a general idea of how a banjo works, so that when you go to make the final adjustments you aren’t completely at sea. Reading the instructions more than once is also recommended. The result: a very solid, playable instrument that will outlive you. Great job, Musicmakers!
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Review of open-backed banjo kit
Rand Rasmussen
Dear MM Folk: I have been frailing the 5-string banjo for some 40 years, and I am an accomplished player. During that time, I have owned some of the finest banjos made—the latest of which was a highly customized Vega Senator. Because I have no wood working skills, I had my Music Makers kit shipped directly to my brother—a gifted wood worker—and gave him free reign. He returned to me a beautifully crafted instrument worthy of hanging on a wall. Although I had originally intended my MM banjo to be my "beater" instrument; something with which I could travel, and take on motorcycle trips, after I received the completed instrument, a strange thing began to happen. More and more often, I found myself leaving my $2,500 Vega hanging on the wall and selecting instead my MM kit banjo. At first, I *made* myself play the Vega—which, don’t get me wrong, is a very fine instrument—reasoning that it was expensive and should, therefore, be played. But after a time, I realized this was just silly. Instead, I just gave myself permission to play the banjo I love: my kit banjo from MM. Eventually, the Vega went out the door. Now, my MM banjo the only one I own—or want to own. So what is it about this instrument that has taken me so thoroughly? I am not sure, really. It would be easy to lay it off to soggy sentimentality because my brother made it for me. But that doesn’t really cover it. Although I am very appreciative of my brother’s work, ultimately, I am too experienced a player to allow sentimentality to cloud my judgment. No, I am in love because it is, for me, the perfect instrument! Perfect sound, perfect feel, perfect look. I perform in public a fair amount, and I cannot count the number of people who have complimented me on the look and sound of this banjo. I have also had more than one luthier comment on the brilliant simplicity of the neck adjustment and head-tensioning arrangements. Because this is now the only banjo I own, I have customized it to my personal preferences. I had my luthier add a frailing scoop, and I replaced the straight bridge with my standard favorite: a curved Moon bridge. I also had my luthier remove the leather string-pad at the bottom of the banjo and replace it with a second nut made of ebony. This not only makes for a cleaner departure point for the strings, but I love the look! Because there are no brackets to dig into my leg, I needed something to keep the banjo from sliding around on my lap. So I added strips of grey/black, "tread" tape at strategic points which worked great! I think it is highly likely that this banjo will remain my "one-and-only" for the remainder of my playing days. Thanks for a great product! Rand Rasmussen
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Just Right
Verified Buyer
This kit was just the right amount of work for a first build. I was really very impressed with how it was packed for shipping. Everything arrived in great shape and as described. You can shape the peghead as simply or intricately as you want. A great buy.
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Nice Kit
Verified Buyer
Great kit, well worth the cost compared to building from scratch. The body, neck, and fingerboard came nearly finished. Most parts fit accurately, but the one I got required some more complex adjustments- the headstock was too thick for the tuners, and the neck mounting screw hole was off by a few mm. I wish the maker would have left the fretboard longer, but I'm sure they have good reasons for the current design. The building process was really pleasant overall. I used all sorts of hand tools, but especially a rasp, block plane, and card scraper. Perfect way to get your feet wet with instrument building.
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Very satisfied customer
Don Nicholas
Verified Buyer
I ordered a 5 string Banjo kit and received it. The shipping box and contents were very very well packed and received in good order. The instructions were very well written. I would highly recommend this company for any of their products based on my experience with them. I intend purchasing again from them. Regards Don Nicholas
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My first kit
Verified Buyer
I was surprised at the overall fit and quality of the completed project. I have made a few cigar box guitars in the past, but this was my first kit instrument. The instructions were clear and very easy to follow. It probably took me about 8 to 12 hours in total including wood finish and final adjustments. The neck and fret board needed a good deal of finishing, but final assembly came together really nicely. I was especially pleased by the amount of adjustments available. The neck angle, truss rod, and drum tension can all be tweaked after the final build and really help to dial in the perfect sting high, intonation and action. The kit I received had different hardware than pictured and was missing a few washers. When I contacted Music Makers, they responded immediately and sent out replacement parts straight away. I also replaced the nylon strings and wooden nut with light gauge bronze and a zero fret, which I think improves the playability. The smaller drum head does not resonate as much as my Gold Tone banjo, but the sound is quite nice and the lower volume makes it great for practicing at home without disturbing my wife or neighbors. Overall, I would definitely recommend this kit, and plan on making some of the other instruments available considering how well this one turned out.
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