Old World Lyre

Old World Lyre

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Our Old World Lyre is modern production of one of the most ancient instruments. Order one with nylon strings for a mellow tone or get the wire strings if you are looking for a brighter, bell-like tone.<

The design of this instrument is based primarily on the work of Spanish Lutheir Juan Ramirez Vega. Juan did extensive research on the Iberic Lyre from 900BC. The version that Juan built will be presented in the Madrid University and the Zaragoza Museum.

What's Included:
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Here is a video of Juan Ramirez Vega playing the lyre that he designed. We were so impressed with this instrument that we used this design as the basis of our Old World Lyre.

Amazing video of Nicolas Carter with our Wire Strung Old World Lyre

Key Specs

Old World Lyre Specs
Item Old World Lyre
Strings 10 strings
Tuning Diatonic - C4 to E5
Weight 2.5 pounds
Overall Length 25"
Width 16" at the top, 10" at the bottom
Soundboard Solid spruce
Frame and back Walnut

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Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

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I am very happy with my Old World Lyre! The quality of materials and workmanship on this Lyre is fantastic. I do music programs with children and parents are involved in some of the programs. Everyone has really enjoyed the instrument. It is also nice to come home after a busy day and pick up the lyre and unwind by playing some relaxing music.
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Verified Buyer
I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful instrument. I am extremely pleased by both the Old World Lyre and the Gig Bag. They are exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy playing this lyre so much that I am always thinking of songs that I can play upon it. I probably spend more time playing than I should, but hey it is both soothing to listen to and very melodic if you just strum. A big thank you to everyone in your business for making this a pleasant purchase experience.
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