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    Old World Lyre - KIT

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      Old World Lyre - KIT


      This kit discontinued in Jan. 2024

      Old World Lyre Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      The Old World Lyre is an interesting project with high quality wood parts and some fun options for customizing with paints, carvings, laces, feathers, beads, etc.

      Building Time: 20-30 hours

      Tools Required: Spring clamps or weights, electric hand drill, router (optional), power hand sander, standard hand tools

      What's Included:

      Old World Lyre

      Item Old World Lyre
      Strings 10 strings
      Tuning Diatonic - C4 to E5
      Weight 2.5 pounds
      Overall Length 25"
      Width 16" at the top, 10" at the bottom
      Soundboard Solid spruce
      Frame and back Cherry
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Old World Lyre Specs
      old world lyre kit
      I recently became aware of musicmakers, well pleased with the selection of kits available. Was after a mandola or bouzouki kit, but then saw the lyre and ordered it, recieved my parcel today, ten days after ordering, i am in Australia so that is impressive ! very well packaged, and no problem with any parts, and all parts were present. Settling down now with the instructions and a cuppa tea before i make a start. Thankyou to ALL at Musicmakers, i will be a returning customer.
      greg cook
      Verified Buyer
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      Old World Lyre
      This is a lovely, well designed kit. I’m waiting on my lacquer to be delivered so I can finish it, but as usual the instructions and the material are top notch. I did make one change, based on another review I ordered book-matched mahogany and replaced the back that was sent with the kit. It’s a very good kit and it was a lot of fun to build, I recommend it.
      Verified Buyer
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      old world lyre kit
      I have finished the lyre. It is beautiful and sounds wonderful. The parts of of high quality and the instructions are very good. I did not use a router or power tools and it took a bit of time with hand sanding and plane work, but turned out well. They are quick to answer any questions emailed to them and are very helpful. This is my second instrument kit from them. Thus far I have made the reverie harp and the lyre. Both are great sounding and beautiful. A bowed psaltery may be next.
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      Old World Lyre
      I’ve built one of these before, and the original has quite a history in ancient Zaragoza, Spain, so since I like lyres, I wanted to build one for myself to play. The kit is of very high quality, and the instructions for building it are very good. I’m still working on mine, and the frame is done, the soundboards are also on it. All I have left to do is sand, sand, sand, and put a finish on it. I should also mention that you don’t need a router to build this kit, as per the instructions. I’ve nowhere to use one, and always build my instruments with hand tools, like the old guys did. I did it entirely by hand, with simple hand tools, no workshop , in other words. I only mention the hand tool build so that someone wanting to build one of these lyres, but lack the router or a works full of power tools can still do it. The kit has black walnut arms, frame and yoke, the yoke is pre-drilled to accept the zither pins, which I liked. I did t have to do it, tho I do know how, snd I confess here that I do have a cordless drill. It’s my only power tool. The soundboard is solid spruce, so you have to be careful with that. But it’s not a problem. It gives the lyre a very nice sound. When finished it’s a beautiful instrument, and you will not be disappointed in the quality. I have built quite a few MusicMakers folk kits over the years, and they are well designed, and supplied with excellent assembly instructions. I should also mention their excellent customer service. I’ve had a few glitches over the years, and they have always made it right, given grea advice, and are just nice people. I’m a longtime fan of MusicMakers.
      Sue Macias
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      I can believe i made thid
      STARTED the old world lyre after i finished the lynda lyre. I used a walnut gel stain and let it dry snd the saned it off and it gave it a distress old look and put on a satin poly wipe on..i even stained the spruce and sanded it off.. the look and sound is amazing
      Pam Rossetti
      Verified Buyer
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      Sweet sweet sound!
      This is a really sweet sounding harp. I built mine from the kit, which was very enjoyable. The quality of the parts are first class. I did change one thing...I used bookmatched poplar for the soundboard and put the spruce on the back in effect creating two soundboards. This makes the sound really full and sweet. I used a shellack finish with a carnival wax over the shellac. The harp has a very natural shine and feel. I’m really happy with the way this kit turned out.
      Robin J Verret
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      Loved building this lyre and love playing it even more!
      I built my Old World Lyre after building a Jolie harp (my first ever woodworking project!) The Old World Lyre was somewhat simpler but still very satisfying. Even more satisfying is the ease with which the lyre can be picked up and spending a few minutes playing can really calm down a hectic day. I highly recommend the Old World Lyre as a project and an instrument!
      Kathy Rees Johnson
      Verified Buyer
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