Old World Lyre - KIT

Old World Lyre - KIT

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The Old World Lyre is an interesting project with high quality wood parts and some fun options for customizing with paints, carvings, laces, feathers, beads, etc.

Building Time: 20-30 hours

Tools Required: Spring clamps or weights, electric hand drill, router (optional), power hand sander, standard hand tools

Download Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Loved building this lyre and love playing it even more!
Kathy Rees Johnson
Verified Buyer
I built my Old World Lyre after building a Jolie harp (my first ever woodworking project!) The Old World Lyre was somewhat simpler but still very satisfying. Even more satisfying is the ease with which the lyre can be picked up and spending a few minutes playing can really calm down a hectic day. I highly recommend the Old World Lyre as a project and an instrument!
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