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    Regency Harp Plan

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      Regency Harp Plan



      Full size blueprints and complete assembly instructions for our 34-String Regency Harp. Detailed prints show you how to build every part needed to build this harp. Once you have cut out all the parts, use the assembly instructions to put all the pieces together.

      Bill of Materials (PDF)

      Eric van den Dool from the Netherlands purcahsed our blueprints and built a Regency Harp from scratch. He wrote an article about the experience.

      The Construction of a Harp (original Dutch with pictures)

      The Construction of Harp (English translation)

      Eric van den Dool Article


      Attached is a photo of the Regency Harps I recently completed. Built of cherry wood with 1/8"; Baltic birch from your stock, and sharping levers on all b, c, e, and f's. A nice and complete set of plans you sell.

      Thank you,
      Dwayne Glanton

      Nice Diagrams
      I am very happy with the plan sheet. It's well thought out and comprehensive. I believe I will be able to eventually build the harp using this plan. The big issue I have is that the plan is all on one sheet and I don't want to damage it. It would be nice if the plans included a cutting template for the parts that require shaping. Even some tracing paper, other simple means to get the shapes right would be helpful. This problem has actually blocked me from starting to build the harp, because I am reluctant to cut into expensive materials without a perfect template. Aside from that, I am very happy with my overall experience with MusicMakers. Thank you very much.
      Terry Buda
      Verified Buyer
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