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    Tuning Wrench Guide

    Find out which tuning wrench you need.

    by Matt Edwards • May 20, 2021

    Which Tuning Wrench Do I Need?

    Does your instrument have zither pins?

    Zither pins are quite common and pretty standard. They are usually silver in color but sometimes they are blue. Zither pins look like this:

    Any of these tuning wrenches would work with zither pins:

    Clock Key Tuning Wrench for Zither Pins
    Plastic L-Handle Wrench for Zither Pins
    Wooden T-Handle Wrench for Zither Pins

    Do you have a harp?

    Most harps have what are known as through-pins. As the name suggests, through pins go all the way through the neck of the harp. They are usually black and look like the photo at right.

    Through Pins

    Here is some more info about harp pins... 
    There are two main types of harp through pins:threaded harp pins and tapered harp pins.

    Threaded pins have micro-threads and will thread in and out of the harp neck as you tighten or loosen them. 

    Tapered pin are pushed firmly into the neck and held in place by friction. They do not move in and out of the neck during tuning.

    Musicmakers used tapered harp pins on our large harps up until 2008 at which point we switched to threaded harp pins.

    If you aren't sure which pin you have, check out this picture which highlights some of the distinguishing marks on both types of pin.

    This tuning wrench will work on both types of pins.

    Tuning Wrench for Harp Pins

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