Shurit Box

Shurit Box

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The Shruti Box

Long used in India to provide a portable and simple accompaniment to vocalists, the Shruti Box is finding a new home in sound healing and western music therapy practice. It is easy to use, extremely portable and produce a warms comforting tone that is perfect to vocalise over or accompnay another instrument such as a Reverie Harp or Kantele.

What is a Shruti Box?

A Shruti Box is a portable reed instrument meant to play drones. Similar to the harmonium, you play the instrument by pumping a small bellows with your hand. You slide open the cover of the reeds you want to engage. The instrument is chromatic so you can set your drones to work with any key.

More about this Shruti Box:
  • Includes a Gig Bag
  • Range is one full chromatic octave from C3 to C4 (middle C)
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds
  • Wood color of the instrument will vary.
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