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    The Reverie Harp, Sound Healing Therapy Instrument

    When Teresa wants to deepen the meditative experience for her practicioners, she uses music.

    "My clients go into a state of blissful peace when I play the harp along with the Tibetan singing bowls. I also have placed the harp on my clients body for them to experience a deeper feeling and sense of the harmonic sounds." —Teresa, Reiki-Sound Healing practice

    • Sounds great no matter the note being played.
    • Gentle vibrations that soothe and calm.
    • Comfortable ergonomic shape and size.
    • Stable tuning and resilient strings.

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    Sound Healing Therapy Uses

    Female in Meditative Pose
    Peace and Calm

    "I decided that I needed more peace and calm in my life and the idea of owning one became an itch and then a craving. Pluck random strings and make ‘soul music’—music that promotes peace and calm." —Peggy H.

    Find Peace

    Reflecting on a Spiritual Text
    Relax and Focus

    "I use this for relaxation and for focusing my mind for Bible meditations. I just wanted the heavenly sound and the feel of the vibrations. The Reverie Harp is perfect!" —Kim

    Find Relaxation

    Outdoors in Inspirational Yoga Pose
    Resonating Vibration

    "When held, the harp vibrates and resonates thru the body in a very healing and soothing way. It allows spontaneous compositions and exploration. And the gig bag makes it easy to take anywhere." —Marlou R.

    Experience Resonance

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