Musicmakers Deluxe Reverie Harp with Bag | Music Therapy Instrument

Musicmakers Deluxe Reverie Harp with Bag | Music Therapy Instrument

Product Details

Note: Harp includes padded gig bag

This Musicmakers Deluxe Reverie Classic and Deluxe Reverie 2 are music therapy instruments designed to be played by everyone regardless of musical skill and produces soothing music, healing vibrations, and lightweight portability. This instrument delivers special experiences to all who play it.

These finely crafted instruments are made with a solid mahogany soundboard and solid cherry frame. The tone is warm and relaxing, and the tuning is the same as the Economy Reverie. For the Deluxe model, you may choose between our full, rounded shape or our "slimmer" shape.

What's Included:
(1) Deluxe Reverie Harp (Classic or 2)
(1) Gig Bag
(1) Tuning Wrench
(1) Tuning Chart

Product Manual

This video features the Deluxe Reverie 2 in a music therapy setting.

Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

This image features the Deluxe Reverie Classic.

Music Therapy Instrument

Must-Have Tool

A must-have tool for music therapists, visitation ministers/chaplains, activity directors, and nursing homes care-givers.

Play it Anywhere

This instrument lends itself to a wide variety of music therapy settings: the bedside of somebody that is ill, recovering from surgery, or approaching the end of life.

Opens People Up

Helps open people up even if they are no longer able to communicate with words.

"I'm finding that when I bring the Reverie Harp into a one to one visit it's a great entree. It's another vehicle to open up a person's heart" –Ann Bergstrom, Chaplain

Beginners & Seasoned Musicians

Play Without Needing to Think

We designed it specifically so that a person does not need to engage the mind to enjoy pleasant sounds.

Meditation and Reflection

People use Musicmakers Reverie Harp Classic for simple fun, dreamy relaxation, soothing harmonies, tactile stimulation, resonant vibrations, satisfaction of instant pleasure/success.

Stimulate Conversation

The harp also is useful as a tool to stimulate conversation and interaction. Two people can play together, one playing each half, to make musical harmonies together.

"Ultimately I do what I do to help the people I'm working with. This tool helps me to do that"–Dr. Annie Heiderscheit, Board Certified Music Therapist

Using a Reverie Harp to start a conversation.

This image features the Deluxe Reverie Classic.

The Musicmakers Warranty

100% Satisfaction

We allow returns of finished products still in mint condition for refund or credit within 30 days of purchase. Such refunds will be for merchandise returned only, not shipping, handling, or insurance fees.

Limited Repair Plan

We will repair or replace, without charge, within five years from date of purchase, any instrument that we built if the materials or workmanship are defective. You must present proof of purchase from MUSICMAKERS to verify the date of purchase.

Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

Features & Benefits

Features on the Reverie Classic
  • Pentatonic tuning sounds great no matter the note being played.
  • Gentle vibrations soothe and calm the player.
  • Comfortable ergonomic shape and size that fits in the players hands and lap.
  • Stable tuning and resilient strings that ensure long-term use and value.

Key Specs

Item# Rev-Deluxe
Strings 22 loop-end wire
Tuning C Pentatonic Reverie Tuning
Weight 4 pounds
Size 20" long, 12.5" wide
Soundboard Solid Mahogany
Frame Cherry
Warranty Limited 5 year warranty

reverie harp classic
Verified Buyer
Truly a wonderful instrument, Good craftmanship and sound quality10 stars. Thanks.
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Blind and happy.
Nancy McCulley
Verified Buyer
What a beautiful piece of art. Not only does it entertain my now blindmother and allow her to use her hands to make music. Beautiful music without training or that she has to read. But it’s gorgeous to look at and feel beneath my fingers. I’m going to have a metal plaque made with her name engraved on it then glue it on the back. Thank you for making my Moms restless hands feel useful.
2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
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Reveri Harps
Jean Shackelford
The reverie harp is better then expected. Truly a wonderful instrument, ,has a sound like no other. Worth every Dollar.
4 of 4 customers found this helpful.
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Lovely Harp
Verified Buyer
Sweet little harp for use in personal prayer or nursing home/hospice work.
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Peace and calm in a bag!
Peggy Helminiak
Verified Buyer
I first saw a Reverie harp during the Virtual Harp Summit and thought "how nice", but had absolutely no plans to buy one. But, the idea kept niggling at me... then I started watching the YouTube videos and started thinking "I might need one of those..." Then I decided that I needed more peace and calm in my life and the idea of owning one became an itch and then a craving. I have both a pedal and a lever harp, but sometimes one just needs to sit back with a little harp on one's chest and pluck random strings and make "soul music" - music that promotes peace and calm. Super-fast shipping and, after stalking the harp via the delivery tracking info, I got it, pulled it out of the packaging and promptly lost a half hour in delightful "reverie". Aptly named! It is my daily meditation now...
9 of 9 customers found this helpful.
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Beautiful and portable
Marlou Russell, psychologist
Verified Buyer
A truly beautiful instrument in so many ways. Really like the shape, size, and sound. I am not a musician and neither are some of the people I work with so I was looking for a harp that is portable and playable by all. This definitely fits the bill! When held, the harp vibrates and resonates thru the body in a very healing and soothing way. It allows spontaneous compositions and exploration. And the gig bag makes it easy to take anywhere. Thank you for creating a harp that is truly accessible to all.
12 of 12 customers found this helpful.
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Reverie harp brings inspiration
Rebecca A
Verified Buyer
My friend loaned me her Reverie about 2 months ago, and I just HAD to own one myself. I'm totally overwhelmed by how beautiful and melodious, not to mention easy to play, this instrument is. The workmanship is extremely high caliber, and the egg shape is perfect for hugging it to my torso to play it, I love the way it vibrates through my body. I primarily use it to help my husband who has a chronic illness, but it's also good just for me. The sound is soothing and inspirational. I keep it in pentatonic tuning, so I can play mindlessly and still have a wonderful experience. Thank you for your dedication to excellence and for your careful packaging and speedy shipping. I found my interactions with you smooth, responsive, and most helpful. Thanks!
11 of 11 customers found this helpful.
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What a gift!
Maria Dummermuth
Verified Buyer
I received my Reverie Harp and am so excited to share this wonderful gift with my clients and so many more. I have never played the harp, or even a string instrument for that matter, and this is such an easy wonderful way to convey sound. I practice Singing Bowl Sound Therapy in Cedar Rapids Iowa and have been adding this to work with clients and it has been a huge hit. I can't wait to see where this gift takes me!
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Beautiful Relaxation Tool
Cindy Curry
Verified Buyer
I've received my Reverie Harp. What a beautiful relaxation tool to add to my business, Healing Sounds Harpistry! The simplicity and ease of playing evoke such gentle, beautiful sounds, taking one out of left brain thinking and judgment that is associated with musical performance and instead to a state of relaxation for not only anyone for which the Harp is being played, but for the player as well. The shape, weight and overall design of the Reverie Harp are such inviting features that call to people to come pick up the Reverie Harp and begin. The customer service from Matt at Musicmakers was fantastic; it was wonderful to feel the attention and dedication to this purchase as if I were the only Musicmakers' customer, which we know is not the case for this wonderful company. Thank you for the perfect transaction, fast shipping and beautiful creation.
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Sides Material Solid Cherry Solid Cherry Poplar
Soundboard Material Solid Cherry Solid Cherry Laminated baltic birch soundboard
Shape Full, rounded shape Thinner, hourglass shape Thinner, hourglass shape
Sound Deeper, richer tone Deeper, richer tone Full, rich tone