How to Tune the Reverie Harp
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    How to Tune the Reverie Harp

    Learn how to tune the Reverie Harp. Includes video, audio, and tuning chart.

    Reverie Harp

    Like any music therapy instrument, the Reverie Harp needs to be tuned. Each instrument comes with a paper tuning template that slides right under the strings to help you tune the Reverie Harp. We recommend you purchase an electronic tuner for accurate tuning if you don't already own one.

    This article features:

    • Downloadable Standard Tuning Chart for the Reverie Harp
    • Video Tutorial for Tuning the Reverie Harp
    • Audio Samples for Tuning the Reverie Harp
    • Links to Alternative Tuning Charts for the Reverie Harp
    • Tutorial for Replacing a Broken String on the Reverie Harp

    How often should you tune? The harp is quite stable after the first 3-4 tunings, but you should expect to tune it at least once per week if you need it to be in tune with other instruments. If you only play the harp by itself, however, you may not need to tune it that frequently because all the strings tend to settle quite evenly across the harp.

    Standard Tuning Chart for the Reverie Harp

    The standard Reverie Harp tuning is a Pentatonic (5-note) scale in the key of C major. Those notes are C, D, E, G, & A (everything but the B and F notes). This makes the instrument harmonious no matter what notes you play together. When you pluck the strings randomly, even with your eyes closed, you will hear beautiful harmony – kind of like the tones of a wind chime.

    Reverie Harp Tuning Chart
    Reverie Harp Tuning Chart

    Watch the following video and you can see just how easy it is to tune the Reverie Harp

    Audio Tuning File for Reverie Harp

    On this MP3 file you will hear each string plucked 4 times.

    Alternative Tuning Charts for the Reverie Harp

    Although 95% of our customers don't use anything other than the standard Reverie Harp tuning, we do have other tunings available. Click here to download browse and download our other tuning charts.

    Replacing a String on the Reverie Harp

    Should you happen to break a string on your Reverie Harp, replacements are readily available at any local music store. Just bring in your tuning chart and ask for a "ball-end acoustic guitar string" of the correct size.

    Here is a short how-to video that will teach you how to install strings:

    harp reverie

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