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    Strumbly KIT

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      Strumbly KIT



      Strumbly Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      Strumbly has a lot going for it. Although it is a simple woodworking project, there is a nice Wow-Factor when you show people the completed instrument. It looks more complicated than it is. (But don't tell your friends that!)

      Musically, it is literally as easy as 1-2-3. The numbers stamped on the side of the neck mean you can "play-by-number." We've got a songbook with over 125 play-by-number songs to keep you plenty busy. A great back-porch picker!

      What's Included:

      Strumbly Kit

      Strings 3 strings (.025", .016", and .012")
      Tuning DGD, DAD, DAA, or DAC
      Scale Length 23.5"
      Overall Length 36"
      Width 8"
      Neck and Sides Solid Hardwood
      Soundboard and Back Baltic Birch
      Depth 1.75"
      Width at nut 1.5"
      Weight 1.75 pounds
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Strumbly kit specs


      Here are some helpful links for you to get the most out of your Strumbly.
      Nice starter instrument.
      I have done a few kits from MusicMakers. This was a great kit. Entry level for the kit and also foran instrument. I a great way to get stated. We have built a few and are making more. Only problem we've had is one string is a little buzzy. Like any instrument they need tweeking. Al in al a great kit.
      Tom "Gunner" Highline
      Verified Buyer
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      Not up to the level of the other kits.
      This is the third kit I built from Music Makers and I was disappointed in it. The materials and craftsmanship were not up to the level of the other Music Maker kits. The thin sides bent and cracked when clamped and the neck had some dings in it. If you're looking for a "starter" kit, I'd recommend the kantele.
      Hi Bill, Sorry to hear the sides cracked. Let us know if you need replacements.
      Verified Buyer
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      This kit is nicely cut and ready to put together, with easy-to-follow instructions! It does need quite a bit of sanding on the front and back body pieces, though. The neck and sides are great, but the front and back of the body is a little rough. I also discovered a small place on the head of the instrument that is splintered, so that need to be sanded, as well. I’m taking my time before stringing this instrument, and oiling before staining and finishing, as I’d hate for the body to end up splitting from being too dry. Overall, I’d still recommend this kit. I can’t wait to finish it!
      Verified Buyer
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      Strumbly Kit
      I am quite pleased with the kit. Parts were cut well and fit together well. Will definitely be buying other products.
      G. Snyman
      Verified Buyer
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      Great Products
      Hi Guys and Gals,and good day from Australia. I have received my Strumbly kit and other bits in good order and in very good time,and I am very pleased with my purchases and eagerly await my second order of a Psalmodikon and bowed Psaltery. You can also expect an order of a chord harp kit very soon. I have recently retired and although I have not played any instruments except a harmonica, badly I should add. Anyhoo I have always liked folk music and I am keen to play a few traditional songs for my own and hopefully my families enjoyment. You people look like you really enjoy your work and I like the fact there is no hard sell attitude to your site. I have been telling all and sundry about your site so hopefully you might get some more orders from this neck of the woods. Cheers and regards, James [ Jim] Boyd.
      James Boyd
      Verified Buyer
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