Strumbly KIT

Strumbly KIT


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What we like about this instrument.

Strumbly has a lot going for it. Although it is a simple woodworking project, there is a nice Wow-Factor when you show people the completed instrument. It looks more complicated than it is. (But don't tell your friends that!)

Musically, it is literally as easy as 1-2-3. The numbers stamped on the side of the neck mean you can "play-by-number." We've got a songbook with over 125 play-by-number songs to keep you plenty busy. A great back-porch picker!

Project Overview

You can expect to spend between 10-15 hours building Strumbly. You will do some gluing and clamping as you assembly the body. The main challenge here is keeping everything lined up on your centerline. Our directions will coach you through this process. You will learn to do some simple fret work as you set up the neck. You have some options for decorating. Fin will do some sanding and apply a finish.

Tools you'll need.

You'll need to supply your own woodworking glue (Elmer's or Titebond), a few different grits of sandpaper (100, 180, and 320), a few clamps or weights, an electric, drill, and the finish of your choice (paint, stain, polyurethane, lacuer, etc.). An electric hand sander and a router can come in handy but aren't necessary.


  • Three strings (.025", .016", and .012")
  • Tuning - DGD, DAD, DAA, or DAC
  • Baltic birch soundboard and back
  • Hardwood neck and sides
  • 24" scale length
  • 35" overall length
  • 8" wide
  • 1-3/4" deep
  • 1.8 pounds
  • 1.5" wide at the nut

Assembly Instructions


Strumbly Kit
G. Snyman
Verified Buyer
I am quite pleased with the kit. Parts were cut well and fit together well. Will definitely be buying other products.
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James Boyd
Verified Buyer
Hi Guys and Gals,and good day from Australia. I have received my Strumbly kit and other bits in good order and in very good time,and I am very pleased with my purchases and eagerly await my second order of a Psalmodikon and bowed Psaltery. You can also expect an order of a chord harp kit very soon. I have recently retired and although I have not played any instruments except a harmonica, badly I should add. Anyhoo I have always liked folk music and I am keen to play a few traditional songs for my own and hopefully my families enjoyment. You people look like you really enjoy your work and I like the fact there is no hard sell attitude to your site. I have been telling all and sundry about your site so hopefully you might get some more orders from this neck of the woods. Cheers and regards, James [ Jim] Boyd.
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