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    Baritone Uke - KIT

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      Baritone Uke - KIT

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      Baritone Ukulele Kit

      Difficulty Rating

      Build your own Baritone Ukulele!!

      This is a highly refined project with beautiful solid woods and lots of customizing options for inlays and/or rosettes.

      While we do give this a 4 hammer rating - that doesn't mean this project isn't suitable for beginning woodworkers. The rating is more reflective of the amount of time required (40+ hours) and the intricacy of the kit. Building this kit doesn't require expert woodworking skills but, if you do have those skills - this kit really gives you the opportunity to let your craftsmanship show!

      What's Included:
      Customizing Options
      • Add optional walnut binding around the top and bottom*
      • Or maybe you would like decorative inlay*
        Order 2 strips to go around the top or 3 strips to go around the top and bottom.
      • Add a Medium Rosette (and donut for easy installation)
      * Order our router bit set for inlay installation

      Baritone Ukulele Kit

      Item Baritone Ukulele
      Strings 4 strings
      Tuning DGBE
      Weight 2.2 pounds
      Overall Length 30"
      Scale Length 19"
      Soundboard Solid Spruce
      Sides, back, and neck Mahogany
      Warranty Musicmakers Warranty
      Ukulele Kit Specs

      Great kit building video from Craig Marble at CKMWork


      This video shows the Mandola kit but the build process is mostly the same.

      Review update: 6 months after building
      jeff schwartzenbachenrueinburgerstien
      Verified Buyer
      .It was about 6 months ago that I completed my Baritone Uke kit and I still play it everyday. It has in fact become my preferred instrument to take with me....well...everywhere, the laundromat, to work for a quickie at lunch, on those weekend motorcycle rides or to play while hiking in the woods. It has a wonderful sound and is so much lighter and smaller than my guitar that I keep it with me constantly. It's fun to show off a little pride of ownership and be able to say "I built this one". I did a few extra things to mine like the mother of pearl heart inlaid to the headstock and dots along the neck so although it was a kit it is unique, one of a kind. I will pass this down to my children and grandchildren. Like any quality instrument the sound continues to grow sweeter and sweeter the more I play. This is my second kit from Music Makers, the first was the Lynda Lyre harp and I plan to build a few more, I think next might be the Hurdy Gurdy or the mandolin or the...... I would love to send a photo to show off the mother of pearl inlay...How Do I ?
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      Baritone Uke Kit
      Dennis Mart
      Verified Buyer
      First - I have just started construction of the kit, so review might not be complete. The materials appear to be high quality. I have built two other instruments, both from kits. Instructions are very complete, with photos. A few things that you need to be aware of. This is VERY important: check that all parts are as described. I have been woodworking for many years and know one wood from another. The back sent with the kit did not look like mahogany ; it was in fact Maple. I called the company, questioning this and talked to a luthier. He told me that they were shipping a mandolin kit and my kit at the same time and the front/ back parts got mixed up. I was never notified of this error. Luckily. I noticed the error before building the kit. They were very apologetic. and sent out the right back/front pieces with a call-tag to return the wrong pieces. Point being - check all pieces carefully. They were very accommodating and handled the problem in a quick and professional manner. I have since received the correct parts and returned the wrong ones. So far, the pieces appear to be well machined. The ribs seem to have a large amount of dried glue to be sanded off? This kit requires a fair amount of sanding (especially the walnut corner blocks I received in my kit ) so using cabinet scrapers might make the chore a little easier. Then again, what else do we have to do during this quarantine ?
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      Baritone Uke
      Joseph E Conrad
      Verified Buyer
      The materials, design and instructions were excellent. The kit made a very solid Baritone Ukulele. I am very impressed with the product and the kit. Would recommend it to anyone who likes to build things.
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      Very Satisfied.
      Steve Carney
      I would like to let your customers know how satisfied I am with Musicmaker's Kits and especially the Baritone Ukulele that I recently finished. It sounds terrific. I am so glad I purchased the Baritone Ukulele kit from you. I have been interested in building an instrument for sometime and luckily came across your web page. I really liked the design of the Baritone Ukulele and have a good friend who plays the instrument. I was unsure if I would be able to build it, as I do not consider myself a woodworker. I decided to call and get some information and was lucky to speak with Matt. I appreciated our conversation and felt comfortable that I would be able to complete the instrument. I also was reassured that if I had problems I had access to you and other employees of Musicmakers who would help. I really liked the idea that if I got stuck I could send the instrument to you and for a fee have it finished by Musicmaker. Well the good news is I was able to complete the instrument without any help. The instructions are without a doubt the easiest instructions I have ever used. The Baritone Ukulele is listed as taking 40 hours and four hammers. So not necessarily your easiest instrument kit to build. It took just about 40 hours with sanding and finishing. But the reality was the instrument was easy to build due the instructions being so easy to follow. The pictures were outstanding too. I am now learning to play. I love the sound. While I play the flute and hammered dulcimer, I have never played a guitar or similar type of instrument. I have five cords down and the melody of another. So someone wanting to build and learn to play an instrument I would highly recommend the Baritone Ukulele. I had so much fun building this instrument that I plan on building another from Musicmakers. My wife wants me to build a Hurdy Gurdy. Before building the Baritone Ukulele I would never have considered an instrument rated with five hammers. Honestly that does not even faze me now as I know your instructions are excellent. I am leaning towards the banjo so we will see who wins out. Oh and by the way I built the Ukulele on my kitchen table. You don't need a lot of woodworking tools. Thank you for making the experience so fun.
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      Loving this kit!
      I am loving my Bari-uke kit. I had been looking for a quality American made instrument at a reasonable price for a few weeks when I found your website. Not only is it quality from top to bottom, I'm building it! My friends and I love the look of this uke!
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      You make music fun.
      David Ratajczak
      Thanks for the great deal on the Baritone Uke kit. It was an exciting project that really challenged my abilities. It sounds terrific and everyone loves the look. we call it the B'Uke. I used your inlay "F" along the sides and finished it with satin urethane. Gluing the label inside with my name and yours was a proud moment. I am currently working on simple riffs with my Old World Lyre. Also built from a kit and finished with French polish. Next I will make a Kalimba for the grandkids.
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      Very Pleased
      Chris Blenkinsopp
      The Dakota baritone uke kit arrived very promptly in New Zealand, and I was really pleased by the packaging and care taken in parts protection. Everything needed was included, even drill bits!! I am a woodworker, so was appreciative of thoroughness and professionalism of all parts and instructions included. The instruction booklet was very clear, logical and easily understood; I am sure that a novice instrument maker would have little difficulty following it. Even things like the direction to rout were explained... You seem like a great company, easy to deal with and with a family feel. All too often I find that businesses don't want to know if there is a problem; you seem to care. I think being around musical instruments and "folk" type music indicates a certain kind of mindset, and this comes across in your business dealings.
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      Best Uke Kit Ever!
      I purchased the DAKOTA baritone UKE kit last year(2015.Oct). Last August I started to assemble the kit, and in this December I finally completed it. It's mellow tone and the long resonance attract me a lot. It'll be the main UKE in my performance. Thank you for supplying the best UKE kit I've ever seen. I uploaded my UKE play on Youtube, please take a look at them.
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      Baritone uke X 2
      Krishna Lester
      Verified Buyer
      I have built two of them. Sadly the neck on one wasn't really straight, a bit warped and I had a couple of problems with the cut of the sides on one but the resulting sound is great. Just check all the bits when they arrive and don't try and rush it !!! Overall very satisfying and well conceived.
      Sorry about any parts that didn't measure up. If this ever happens again - please call or email and we can get you replacement parts right away. Glad to hear that you persevered!
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      baritone uke
      John McNutt
      Verified Buyer
      I ran into some problems with the size of some of the pieces. The corner blocks were shorter than the ribs. So the inlay bandings covered it up. Also where the neck fits. The up and down length was about 3/16th to short. and the tail block was to short. Other wise it a very nice kit, and have it all together and putting finish on it now.
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