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Musicmakers Harp Wheels are a simple, effective, and wondeful way to transport your harp.  With three differenct sizes you are sure to find a size that will work for your harp.  All of our wheels includes two hand brakes allowing you to play the harp while the wheels are still attached.

And YES - our harp wheels can handle the weight of a pedal harpOur harp wheels can hold harps that weigh up to 100 pounds.


Available in three different sizes.

Small: Size of base is 13 in. wide by 14 in. deep. Fits our Voyageur Harp and Smartwood Harp

Medium: Size of base is 16 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits our Gothic Harp

Large: Size of base is 18 in. wide by 15 in. deep. Fits our Regency Harp

Choosing the right size

If you don't have a Musicmaker's harp you will need to take a couple of measurements to choose the correct size wheels.

Find the points on the bottom of your harp that contact the floor and take measurements to get the width and depth. See the picture below for an example. When you have your measurements, choose the smallest size set of wheels that will accomodate your harp.

measure your feet

Hello Jerry,

Here's an update on my project of getting straps attached to my FH32 Dusty case to work with my harp wheels. I just got it done today, and I wanted to show you the result - they work great! A local auto and boat upholsterer did the work, and I have attached some photos for you. These show the case (with my FH32 harp inside), with the straps holding it to the harp wheels.

I requested 2 wide-band straps, with buckles for adjusting and unfastening (to make it possible to fully unzip and open that end of the case). We also decided it would be helpful to add another leather handle to the opposite end (the lower corner), which was a great idea. As you can see, it makes it easier to push and pull the harp.

The final photo shows my FH32 harp (out of case) on my harp wheels, complete with my wonderful harp desk and ready to play! Many thanks to you and the innovative folks at Musicmakers for your amazing harp resources! :)



Wheels for my Harp
Kathryn Pitkin
Verified Buyer
I am delighted with my wheels. I was beginning to find it difficult to carry my harp, but the wheels make moving the harp easy and safe. The wheels are beautifully made, easy to use and arrived from overseas within a week. I love my new wheels. Thank you.
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Brilliant invention!
Verified Buyer
These "wheels" are a brilliant invention. If there were 10 stars I would give 10. Working in a hospital for me means walking around carrying my harp and at the end of the day aching shoulders back and arms. The wheels have solved the problem. No more stress carrying the instrument, no pain, just the sheer joy of playing the harp with no worries. The wheels are beautifully made and arrived in Australia in record time, beautifully packed and ready to go. The wood is also amazing. Thank you.
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It is perfect
Chris Blaicher
I got the large size for my wife's Dusty Strings orphan FH-34 and asked for it to be unfinished. A D-S orphan harp is made from several different woods, hers has a bubinga base and front post. I stained and varnished it to match the bubinga. The base makes the harp even more stable. It is great.
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Elaine Pontious
Verified Buyer
These wheels will make a big difference in my hospice work. It is a simple looking device from a brilliant design idea that anyone with a folk harp would welcome. The 'heavy lifting' part of my work has been greatly reduced -- thank you!
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I love my new harp wheels.
Verified Buyer
The wheels are so helpful in aiding mobility and they are easy on-easy off! One less thing to worry about when out and about. There was not much lag time for arrival, a definite plus. The other thing that I really liked was the easy to open, not-excessive packaging. All in all, another positive experience. Thank you!
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harp wheels
C. Martin
Verified Buyer
I think these are going to work just fine for my Dusty Strings Ravenna. I was hoping I could move it without having to remove the legs and platform that it sits on. This may be just the right fix.
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