Voyageur Harp (34 Strings)

Voyageur Harp (34 Strings)

Product Details

Voyageur Harp

The Voyageur harp is our most versatile harp. Equally at home on the concert stage or in the home and at only 24 pounds, it won't break your back when you take it on the road.

34 strings with a range of C2-A6 provide ample room for most folk harp repertoire while keeping the harp at a reasonable height of 56".

Rich cherry is used on the neck, pillar and sides with tasteful walnut accent pieces. Like all of our harps, aircraft quality birch ply is used for the soundboard providing good tone and structural longevity.

What's Included:
  • Finished Voyageur Harp with Camac Levers
  • Padded Gig Bag
  • Tuning Wrench
  • Owner's Manual

Harpist Stephanie Claussen demostrates the Ballad Harp.

Buyer's Guide

We wrote lots of great content for harp owners to get the most out of their lever harp.

Sound and Video

Stephanie Claussen demostrates our Voyageur Harp

Key Specs

Jolie Harp Specs
Strings 34 strings
Range C2 to A6 (String Chart)
Weight 24 pounds
Size 56" tall, 27" deep, 14" wide
Soundboard Aircraft Birch
Body Cherry
Neck and Pillar Cherry

The Musicmakers Warranty

100% Satisfaction

We allow returns of finished products still in mint condition for refund or credit within 30 days of purchase. Such refunds will be for merchandise returned only, not shipping, handling, or insurance fees.

Limited Repair Plan

We will repair or replace, without charge, within five years from date of purchase, any instrument that we built if the materials or workmanship are defective. You must present proof of purchase from MUSICMAKERS to verify the date of purchase.

Using a Reverie Harp as a Music Therapy Tool.

Long time Voyageur harp owner
Glenn McIntosh
Verified Buyer
I originally bought this as a kit more than ten years ago. It has withstood the test of time as an instrument that my twelve-year-old daughter learned on, then used to play weddings, recitals, small-venue gigs, and then make recordings with. The build quality is excellent and the overall volume and sound compare favorably with more expensive harps.
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Love it!
Beth Riddiough
Verified Buyer
I received my Voyageur harp last Saturday safe and sound. I am very pleased with the high quality and overall beauty of the design - it is like a piece of artwork. I cannot keep my eyes off of it. Not only is the design easy on the eyes, but it also has a big, gorgeous, and warm timbre that fills up the entire room. Thank you to the staff, they were most helpful and answered all my questions and concerns (Jen). I ordered a harp desk also but was told it was on back order. However, lo and behold, it arrived with the harp and with the rosette I chose. Now that I have lived with it for almost a week, I feel sure I will be playing beautiful music with my new friend for a very long time. Thank you Musicmakers!
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An Excellent Design
Biagio Sancetta
This was my first floor sized harp and it was so easy and fun to build that it inspired me to design other harps on my own. When beginners ask me about buying a reasonably priced first harp this is often what I recommend. The finished harp is competitively priced or you can just buy the kit for a big savings. The kit is carefully designed and only minimal wood working experience and tools are needed - I put it together in my living room. Since all the critical elements have been done for you it is very easy to customize with different strings if you want a different tone; Musicmakers provides a free string analysis worksheet!..
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Verified Buyer
Thank you from my heart for the beautiful Voyager you made for me. I saw it for the first time last Tuesday at Joanna's and it just took my breath away! It is such a lovely harp, just as I wanted it to look with the tri-knots in the front ... and the sound is beyond amazing. I had the chance to try out many "famous name" harps before deciding what to pick and yours has by far the most beautiful sound of any comparable sized harp. It just fills the room with such gorgeous, mellow tone! You are wonderful craftspeople and I wanted you to know that you'll be bringing me and my family so many years of enjoyment. I haven't decided on a name for "her" yet, but "she" is angelic!
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Lovely and remarkable
Sister Wilma
Verified Buyer
I have been extremely satisfied with the entire process of purchasing a finished Voyageur harp. From questions prior to purchase, through assistance selecting and having you create a custom decal, to receiving my finished harp in perfect condition by way of FedEx, I can only say it has been a delight working with you. I couldn't be more pleased or grateful for your steadfast assistance from start to finish! My Voyageur harp is simply lovely; its sound is outstanding! My harp teacher was amazed with its sound. I'll end with her words of praise for your Voyageur harp: "lovely and remarkable"!
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